Veronick Roy

Veronick Roy is the name of the incredible artist who painted the booklet art for the physical version of Welcome to Utopia. Her art style is mesmerizing and full of life, capturing light and expression in a unique way. She’s also a New Brunswick local who gives back, teaches kids how to paint, and the mother of a talented son also gifted in the arts.

Stepping out of everyday monotony is what inspires Veronick’s art.

“Art is what makes life interesting. Not only for aesthetic purposes, but it’s such a deep method of expression that has so much to say. I want to create art that evokes deep thoughts or feelings.”

Always doodling on things since she was old enough to hold a crayon, Roy would watch Bob Ross on TV and replicate what he was creating with her own watercolours. From a young age she started winning art contests, having kids at school ask her to draw for them all the time.

“And the best part of Mr. Dress-Up was the art lesson. I’d sketch all over my schoolbooks and my homework (and got in trouble for it). It was probably in middle school that I realized I had an actual talent for it.”

Her process involved in creating the artwork for Utopia was all about hearing the music and understanding the personality behind it which helped her create a connection, which inspired the colours and composition.

“I felt like this was a very deep and personal album – looking upon one’s hopes and dreams, learning about life. I felt like using deep colours in the back, in contrast to the main focus being the golden city – Utopia, having Ryan looking over it like he’s observing what’s going on with fascination, almost like a deity, looking down upon his creation.”

She’s inspired lately by opposite colours on the colour wheel – As opposed to contrast by using black and white for darker and lighter areas. It creates a natural visual contrast, and that complements the other colours, making them pop out without the use of black or white.

“When Ryan told me his vision of this version of Utopia being a golden city, I used dark violets and blues to create the deep mood around it.”

“When I think of Utopia, I think of a perfect idealism for the future. I think of how we all look ahead, thinking about where we would like to see ourselves in life and what makes us happy. It’s a good thing because it creates goals and aspirations, but at the same time we have to be aware of the present, so that we can get there.”

You can find Veronick Roy’s art on Facebook, where she can be reached for projects!